maybe daniel's all the push i need

from by Johnny Foreigner



available from Alcopop / Swerp Records


fake tales of the program girls, they just want to get wrecked on what little they earn. if they ask you, who stole the money? who's got the bloodiest eyes? standing on the edge of the bleed, maybe daniel's all the push i need. some nights i sit out back with the dutch guys, and i'm ashamed!

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky is like the fucking apocalypse, watch as metropolis burns. control the drama, you know
that he'll always take you

you know he'll take you back soon

so we heard back that there was a third, his hands in her skirt while the second observed, that there were sangria toasts to the hosts of a greatful nation. and maybe tomorrow is our last day on earth, maybe the army's only here cos the first had heard. i cancel my shift as drones buzz the stadium.

and i should tell lauren that the dutch guys are just what if they are? it's only natural, you know that he'll always take you

you know he'll take you back soon

and i wonder what the past must sound like to her? all those bitter songs that i put so much faith in. i listened so loud that my ears are still ringing and it's barely enough to stop me from breaking
(pass that torch we're all olympians) now.


from NAMES, track released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Johnny Foreigner Birmingham, UK

just because you blow me, think you fucking own me

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